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Teostatud ja käimasolevaid töid

  • Risk management system (a set of several tools for inventory inspections, risk audits and risk assessment; includes offline tools and servers in Helsinki, Tallinn and Stockholm 1999 – 2002, 2004-2005)
    Customer: Aon Finland (Finland)
    Tools: MS Access, AFRA (proprietary add-on to MS Access), MS SQL
  • Web based “semi-fat” client architecture for Estonian New Computerised Transit System Customers: Estonian Customs Board
    Partners: Abobase Systems (main contractor)
    Tools: JavaScript, XML, RJGE (in-house tool for generating DHTML forms with data integrity checks in client side and support for asynchronous data communication between client and server)
  • eForms for Pegasus PC Notestaker (form management software with pen input, 2002)
    Partners: Pegasus Technology Inc (Israel)
    Tools: Visual Basic, MS Jet, proprietary SDK for pen input.
  • Custom developments for WizCom handheld scanner (2001, 2002)
    Customers: confidential (Sweden, Netherlands)
    Partners: WizCom Technologies Inc (Israel)
    Tools: C/C++, Proprietary operating system running on MetaWare ARM 7, proprietary SDK