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IB Krates is actively participating in international and local R&D projects to make sure the engineers are always on the bleeding edge of the technology. We invest in two directions:
  • Software development tools and
  • Condition monitoring and diagnostics

The history of research in the field of software development tools goes far back from the establishing date of IB Krates. The founders of the company were all active researchers before creating the company to commercialize the results. We started our business with development of LIMITS case tool dedicated to modelling and analysing timing properties of safety/critical systems.

Over the last fifteen years we have developed or participated in development of several dedicated model/transformation tools (RJGE for generating user interfaces from data models, AFRA – a complete framework for database system user interfaces, utilities to standard case tools).

2006-2008 we participated as the principal software developer in the Gene-Auto project together with Continental, Airbus France, Thales Alenia Space, EADS Astrium, Israel Aircraft Industries, Barco, Alyotech, INRIA, INTP and Tallinn University of Technology. We are the current maintainer of the Gene-Auto toolset (See geneauto.krates.ee).

2009-2010 we offered to Airbus France and EADS Astrium customisation and support services of Gene-Auto together with Alyotech and AdaCore.

Currently, we are actively participating in the extended continuation projects of Gene-Auto Project P and Hi-MoCo. Read more...

The research direction of condition monitoring and diagnostics supports our main field of activity in the local market – remote monitoring and supervisory control applications. Due to our expertise in the field of data acquisition we were invited to a MINICON consortium in 2001 to develop an intelligent monitoring and maintenance system for applications with very long continuous run-time (elevators, automatic doors, manufacturing machinery). The results of MINICON were taken further by the Dynamite project into a semantic-web based e-maintenance framework.

In the Posseidon project we have participated in the developmet of innovative sensors for online lubricant analysis